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18-year-old Florida prankster charged after allegedly giving wedgies to random moviegoers


Internet comedian Charles Ross was reportedly filming material for his YouTube channel, RossCreations, Sunday in Bradenton. Authorities said some victims were too embarrassed to come forward.




Internet comedian Charles Ross routinely ruffles strangers' feathers as his friend records the mischief. Other pranks include performing handstands over subathers, delivering unsettling pickup lines and kissing men and women. 


Florida prankster Charles Ross was arrested Sunday after allegedly giving strangers wedgies.

The 18-year-old Internet comedian reportedly harassed moviegoers at Carmike Royal Palm 20 theater in his hometown of Bradenton, Fla., around 7:45 p.m. His friend Jordan Owens recorded footage for another installment on Ross’ YouTube channel, RossCreations.
Ross routinely bothers strangers to get reactions as his friend films the encounters. His other pranks include kissing men and women he does not know, performing handstands over sunbathers and hitting on girls with unsettling pickup lines.
In one video called “Walk by Pick Up Lines,” he approached a bikini-clad girl on the beach and said, “If a big fat guy comes by and stuffs you in a bag tonight, don’t be scared.”


Ross' Youtube video "Kissing Strangers" has been viewed nearly 400,000 times.

After the girl’s male friend confronted Ross about his creepy statement, he responded that he asked for her for Christmas.
For the wedgie prank, however, not all of the victims were content with voicing their frustration solely to Ross.
One 20-year old victim alerted authorities that Ross allegedly grabbed the back of his pants and pulled them up hard. Ross then asked if he wanted to hit him, authorities said.


"Those suckers didn't even see it comin," Ross wrote in the description to the video in which he performs handstands over strangers.

Other victims of the prank long associated with schoolyard bullying were apparently too embarrassed to come forward, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.
A deputy confiscated the camera as evidence, reported the local Bradenton Herald newspaper.
Ross was charged with battery, and his bail of $750 was met the following day, said the Sherriff’s Office.
He is scheduled to appear in court concerning the wedgie incident Feb. 14.

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