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Alot of Good People out There!!!

On Sunday I was sitting watching my Fantasy Team win my Super Bowl, had to throw that in,  lol, when I heard crazy sirens outside my house... I look out to see all kinds of Cops and Fire Trucks, and was about to run down to help, when I see about 20 Kids running down the street in front of the Police and Fire Trucks.. Im like what the hell is going on here?!?  Well I soon found out these kids were running down the streets like mad men with toys in their hands for any kids that didn't have any..  I don't have any kids, but it made me kind of proud of my town and the people in my area..  Throughout this whole storm thing, a lot of people have come out of the woodwork to do a lot of nice things for people.  In a world full of a lot of Bullshit, it's refreshing to see how many good people there are out there..  way to go Jersey Shore!!! We will be back and better then ever.. 

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