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Here's a Great Way to Run your Bar Business into the Ground!

I love this shit!!  Saw this online in  My favorite part of the story is she took the Job to get paid in Alcohol. hahaha.

And of course the directive from the owner to the bartender to give her as many drinks as she wants to "Loosen Her Up". Smart move buddy.  


NATIONAL PARK β€” Regulators have suspended the alcohol license for a southern New Jersey bar after managers were caught hiring a 17-year-old to strip and paying her with alcohol.

Park Place Bar and Grill in National Park cannot serve alcohol for 50 days as a result of the decision announced Thursday by the state Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Officials say an investigator in February 2011 found the minor being served drinks by a bartender, who told officials she was directed to give her as many drinks as she wanted β€œto loosen her up.” A bartender, manager and owner were charged with serving alcohol to a minor. The girl and two others were charged with underage drinking.

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