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My Recurring Dreams about Crazy Bridges!

I wanna start this by saying I love heights. I love flying in planes. I love standing on the highest balconies and looking down over the rail below. I've Sky Dived 3 times. I've Parasailed (and even plummetted slowly 400 feet into Lake Tahoe when my parasail shoot folded up on me in the air). I would fly in a Jet Pack if they were available, and I especially would love to use one of those Bird Suits where the guy jumps off the mountain and flies just above the cliffs, except for the fact that those mountains are extremely unforgiving and I love Life too much.. And further more I love bridges.. I like their construction, I like to know how they're built and designed, and I love being at the highest point and seeing the Views..

Now having said all that, you can understand why this next part is confusing to me.. For years and years, as far back as I can remember, probably 3 - 4 times a year, I have had a recurring dream where I am forced to cross a huge, rundown bridge over a big body of fast running water.. It's never the same bridge, but the traits are similar. It is high, falling apart, and I'm crossing it on foot. Sometimes I'm climbing over ladder like sections barely holding on. Now I admit, I have never really looked into what these dreams mean.. nor do I really care too. But as I was surfing the web I came across this piece on the worlds scariest Bridges.. I suggest checking it out at

Some of these Bridges are not at all scary.. But some of them are very similar to what I see in my Dreams. This picture and videos are probably the closest I can ever come to describing the feeling in my dreams so I figured I share a little bit of whats inside my head lol. Anyone else have similar dreams?











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